Things I Know About

All five sheets of paper laid out on the counter.

High School:

Algebra Earth Science US History
Geometry Biology Economics (ha.)
Statistics Chemistry Civics
Trigonometry Physics Psychology
Calculus American Literature Modern European History
Principles of Design (Art) Essay Writing Literary Criticism
Basics of Drawing Research & Informative Writing Critical Theories:

Photography Persuasive Writing
Spanish Personal Narrative
Play Public Speaking/Debate
How to make friends Peer Coaching & Tutoring
Editing for content True Colors Personality Typing


Political Philosophy Moral Imagination Magazine Feature Writing
Federalist Papers Family and Work Conflict The Fatwa against Salman Rushdie
De Tocqueville Kashmir Conflict Class Relations
Post Colonial Literature Northern Ireland Conflict Social Relations Theory (Marx, Weber, etc.)
Nuclear Strategy Policy Formation Political Islam and World Politics
Cultural Critique Democracy in France International Ethics
Conflict Resolution Democracy in India Movements for Social Change
Race relations/history Marriage as a Policy Mechanism Tragedy of the Commons
Feminist Theories Historical Research Methods Cooperation
Feminist Practice & Policies Social Science Research Methods Micro Economics
Chemistry International Relations Theory Macro Economics
English Literature (18th C.) International Governance International Economics
Global Security Political Economics Borderlands
Multiculturalism Social Policy

Graduate School:

Calculus Property Taxes in Detroit Defining Success
Microeconomic Analysis Policy Windows/Agenda Setting Policy Formation
Economics of Decision Making (aka Cost-benefit Analysis) Midwives, Medicaid and ACA Regulatory Processes/Rule Making
Statistics State and Local Policy Analysis Nonprofit Management:

  • Leadership
  • Board Governance
  • Theories of Change
  • Logic Models
  • Strategic Communications
STATA Farmer’s Markets
Stone’s Criteria for Policy Analysis:

  • Equity
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Liberty
Writing Policy Memos
Writing Op-Eds
Writing Strategy Memos
Public Speaking
Influencing People Ethically

What I learned on the Job:

Empathy for Homelessness Following Proceedures Computers (Word, excel, etc.)
Empathy for Poverty Mail Forwarding Filing worker compensation claims (3)
How Landbanks Work How NOT to manage people Organize and recruit volunteers
Flexibility in Job Description How NOT to handle HR Get out the Vote (GOTV)
Cleaning Leadership, management and Coordination Using Voter Lists
Respect of other cultures How to train and manage subordinates Manage an office Budget/ bookkeeping
Working with communication barriers Research peer mediation programs and implementations Detect and Prevent Fraud
Reading Legislation Write lessons and make work sheets Evaluate Staff Performance and give feedback
Researching both sides of an issue Write role play scenarios and scripts Firing Staff
Writing Letters to Constituents Assist in teaching workshops Conflict Resolution
Customer Service Teaching Adults Reporting
Overseeing Administrative Functions Develop and train staff Maintaining Standards
Collaboration with other organizations Canvassing Cutting Turf
Hiring Staff Ad Campaigns for hiring Managing a grant as a funder
Presentation Skills Strategic Communications WordPress
Twitter Facebook Pages Training Manual for Volunteer Management
Project Homeless Connect Event Organization Facilitating Discussions on Feminism today Newsletter Editing
Google Alerts Challenges facing Student Parents Human subject Study Ethics
Lobbying Data Analysis Strategic planning

What I’ve learned from Workshops/Seminars:

Interview skills Resume Writing Skills My strengths and competencies
How to run for office Community Organizing Looking at life Holistically
Focusing on inputs instead of outputs Focusing on what you can control How to prepare your body and life for conception
Natural Family Planning Mindful Parenting Yoga
Personal Budgeting Self-compassion Writing rituals
Facilitation Nonprofit Development Storytelling and Presenting Skills
Honoring hormonal cycles Theology and Christian Practice

What I learned at home:

Love relationships Cooking Fort building
Personal spirituality Attachment parenting Equally shared parenting/household management
How to freeze food Positive Parenting Post-peak oil
Style, fashion & clothes fit Montessori Post-changed climate
Prayer Waldorf Social justice
History of the Catholic church Play (and it’s use in parenting) Anti-racism activism
Catechism and teachings of the Catholic Church Emotional intelligence Anti-rape activism
Wedding Industrial Complex Sleep training (ha.) How to not buy new
Community Organizing (Alinski, etc.) Fertility awareness Simplicity Parenting
Boundaries Work and Family Conflict Young Adult Novels
Uncluttering and Simplicity About the US House Page Program Enlightened Sexism
The effect of mass media on women and feminism Theology Preeclampsia
New Momism/The Motherhood industrial complex Emerging Christianity Child-hatred & Childfree
Fat positivism Practices of Christianity Living in DC
Mindfulness/Meditation Marriage Relationship Building Meaningful Gift-giving
Sociology of intimate relationships Public Policy of intimate relationships Pregnancy
Birth Postpartum care Breastfeeding
Postpartum depression Babywearing Goal setting/self-management
Moving Self-compassion Embodied Femininity
Craft of Creative writing Happiness and Contentment Myers-Briggs Personality typing

What I want to Learn (Bonus list, based on my to-read list):

Social Justice Feminism and Catholicism “Professional” motherhood
Gender & biological sex Personal as Political Race relations
Divine Femininity Childrearing and Feminism Eating: how to do it
How to survive post-peak oil and post-changed climate Sexuality and Religion Inequality in schooling
Construction of communities Success and motivation Zen Buddhism
Social networks (real life and internet) Writing as a spiritual practice Work-life balance
Mindful parenting Having a second child Feminist theory
Raising a child with religion VBACs Political thrillers/conspiracy theories
Media and gender Changes in education in the future

What I’ve learned from my hobbies:

Creative Writing Collecting Knowledge Gardening
Poetry Recording Events Learning
Poetry Slam Bridge Ballroom dance
Blogging – WordPress Meditation Model united nations
Twitter Knitting Event coordination
Klout Quilting Girl Scouts
Tumblr Sewing with Patterns Camping
Facebook Organizing/ uncluttering Leadership
Reading Optimization Traveling
Journalling Tea drinking Research

3 thoughts on “Things I Know About

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  2. You truly are someone ‘on whom nothing is lost!’ (and who says you can’t get a good h.s education?! ) That looks pretty comprehensive. -as does the rest of the list. Very cool formst and entry. Thanks for sharing! (-‘Mrs. T.’)

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