Beautiful Lessons of 2012

I love the Leonie Dawson Create Your Year Workbooks. One of the questions asks you to think about the lessons you’ve learned in 2012. Here are mine:

  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional (a lesson from 2011 that I’ve kept learning!).
  • I work best with a glass of water, a mug of tea, a meal just eaten or a snack at hand, and a timer. It also helps to have a list.
  • My fears and anxieties are my responsibility.
  • I feel better when I don’t judge my feelings, and instead accept them and forgive myself.
  • Look for God in the details of everyday life
  • Pay attention to how feelings feel in my body
  • The Holy Spirit is the Universe that everyone talks to, and vice versa.
  • Problems are a normal part of life, and worthy challenges to be met.
  • Manifesting = discernment
  • Intelligence is malleable — I can get better at something by trying at it!
  • I can define success for myself.
  • I spend money is an (usually) ill-guided attempt to be prepared.
  • I should take control by making decisions to influence outcomes.
  • Relationships are about interdependence.
  • Committing to something meaningful is important.