Wrong Foot, part 2

Dear Blog,

I was once talking with a therapist, to whom I was complaining about the fact that my then-boyfriend-now-husband (or committed partner, but that’s a whole other post) had criticized my driving. More specifically, he had criticized my parking.

“Are you a race car driver, or a valet parker?” she asked.

“No,” I said, surprised. “Why?”

“Then why are you worried about people’s criticisms of your driving or parking? It’s not who you are. You need to decide what your core values are — the things that truly make you.”

I then decided that the things that are me, the things that I will accept criticism for and then try to change are writing and activism. I want to tell stories. I want to stand up for injustices. I think that I am good at those things — and that they may also be my “talents,” or my “gifts” from God.

And then recently I was reading a group feminist blog, and Sharkfu talked about the anniversary of her personal blog: 5 years. And she wrote this:

From the beginning, I have been an activist who blogs. But blogging has been and remains a fantabulous way to grow as an activist…to share my opinions and concerns and get feedback from people all over the world. Blogging is a unique medium that has brought me great joy…taught me a lot about myself and others (the good, the bad and the rancid)…and helped me grow as a feminist.

So, as an anniversary present to myself I’m going to encourage all y’all to document your activism.

All the things I wanted my blog to be, all the ideas that I struggled with and tried to tame into my own, they’re all tied together by this idea. Activism. Advocacy. Speaking up against the status quo.

In my marriage, I don’t want to be defined by what people think “wives” should be, I want to live off the cultural script. My personal struggles in creating an equitable partnership, a feminist marriage… this is activism.

My views of politics, current events, popular culture and entertainment in general is informed by a worldview of feminism, anti-racism ally and general dissatisfaction with kyriarchy. I am not perfect in my analysis, and I am open to critique and willing to learn that I am wrong.

My personal stories are focused on how I have stood up for something, and how sometimes I struggle to articulate my worldview in a concise, articulate, easy to understand way.

This blog is about another point of view. It is a point of view where we need to practice empathy, to live in story and narrative to learn about another person. And your personal and another’s personal… both are political.

Dear blog, you are going to be a record of my activism. How I stand up and speak out for myself and my family, and try my hardest to set aside my privilege to stand up for others.

Let’s get to work. Love,



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