Maybe We Got Off on the Wrong Foot, part 1

Dear Blog:

I am thinking that maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I am thinking that I wanted to contribute something new and awesome to the blogosphere, that I wanted to be profound and maybe even (someday) start a little side business with my blog, or even promote myself as a writer if I ever got a book published. In short, I am thinking that I perhaps over-thought this blog. I got ahead of myself at the same time that I was trying to start with the basics.

The basics are figuring out what your passion is, who your audience is, and how you want to reach them.

I first thought that maybe this could be a marriage blog. But I didn’t want to make it an advice blog, like Simple Marriage or Project Happily Ever After. I’ve been married all of 8 months, and I didn’t want to offer advice. I thought I could offer a perspective on marriage for newly married couples, who were wondering if they were “doing it right” — a perspective about fights and resolutions and working to make a household work. I thought I could offer a perspective about making (or at least striving to make) a feminist marriage, one where equality is a highly held value, and that we submit to each other, not just wife to husband.

I didn’t think I could write a political blog. Even though I have a degree in Social Relations, I have a very complicated relationship with politics and policy. I love policy, which I would define as the laws we make, how we carry them out, and how it effects people. I hate politics, which I would describe as the process of cooperation and friction that mutates good policy and worsens bad policy. I didn’t want to commit to writing about politics, for all that I love writing and thinking about policy.

I already have a personal blog, one that I have been writing in for nearly 10 years. I do not need to rant about personal things on this blog — I didn’t need to post about the fraternity talking about baby names, I do not need to discuss my conflict with my mom with the wider internet. I have a place for that kind of purely personal, “This is what I ate for breakfast” kind of stuff.

I thought about maybe doing a consumer blog — even though I dislike consumerism. A sort of frugality blog, where I talked about decluttering, and living simply, and work-life balance. Maybe I would join the compact, maybe I would become like The Non-Consumer Advocate. Marriage comes back into the picture here, again, because I share my household, and therefore my decisions to decomercialize, declutter, be frugal — they effect other people.

A cooking blog is out; I love to cook, but it isn’t a passion.

I thought about making a blog on philosophy, talking about why I think that stories are so essential to who we are as people. Related to this, I thought that maybe I could blog about religion, too, talking about my question to come to grips with the idea of God or the lack thereof, about the intersections of my Catholicism and my feminism, about my search for community.

I thought I would write a blog about stories of things that happen to me. I thought that maybe Tim could write some of the posts, thereby going back to the Marriage Blog idea. It’s why I posted the personal stories. So, while I have a strong voice — I am not sure it is a particularly unique voice. I’m no Dooce, I’m not the next great humorist. And while I would love to be writing the blog-equivalent of This American Life, part of the beauty of TAL is that it has a diversity of voices. I could maybe get up to two, if I included Tim — and more, if I started teaching my theoretical infants how to write.

So, my dear blog, what are you going to be? That’s a long, complicated list of all the things that you aren’t — but definitions are always better if they’re framed in the positive rather than the negative.

So, I’ll write about my passions. That is the first step to a successful blog, a successful business, right? Figure out what you can offer the world. From there, blog, we’ll figure out how we can do it together.

With all my love, and lots of luck,



One thought on “Maybe We Got Off on the Wrong Foot, part 1

  1. You seem to be where I was a few months ago with not knowing in which direction to take your blog. Also wondering what to write about and who to direct it at. I have been blogging since 2003 and realized a very long time ago that sometimes you just hit the wall and don’t know in which direction to go. Thats why I created Speech Nation. I am a real person, I am just out recruiting. Obviously, it has a political bent to it, be we are looking for people to blog about what is important to them. And if you still don’t believe I am real, you can find me on Facebook. Just type in Speech Nation.

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