Hello, World.

My name is Kate. I’m a 23-year-old white woman living in Michigan, working in the nonprofit sector. I’m a college graduate with a BA in Social Relations and Policy. I’m married, and have been for about 7 months now. If there is anything that I can say about who I am, to the core of my being, it is this: I am a writer, and I am an activist.

But I’m a writer in search of a story. And I am an activist in search of a cause. I am striving to be a part of something much bigger and larger than I am. I am on a journey, a pilgrimage, and this blog is the story of that pilgrimage.

Where I’m Going

When I was in middle school I wrote this in a notebook:

Stories have beginnings, middles, and ends. Our lives have a birth, a life, and a death. But, did you ever notice, while we live our lives in a straight line, our story comes to us muddled and anything but straight? I guess this is an autobiography, but I won’t start in the obvious place.

The story I was writing in middle school was the story of one of the many cross-country moves I endured as a military child. But the sentiment feels fresh and real to this blog: Our stories are muddled and anything but straight. They come to us in fits and starts, and sometimes while we’re in the middle of something, we don’t understand the significance. Sometimes we look for help, for sign-posts, for mentors. Sometimes we’re just stuck.

Right now, I am very stuck.

I am sorry if my little introduction up there gave you the appearance of a young adult with it all together. I’m not. I am a writer without a story. I’m an activist without a cause! I’m a wife, my husband’s partner, but am I doing this right? I’m legally an adult, but what does the mean? I’m a daughter, my parent’s adult child, but what rights and responsibilities does that entitle me? What if I want to become a parent? I’m a cradle Roman Catholic, but I’m attracted to all sorts of different expressions of belief and spirituality. I am finding fulfillment working in non-profits, but I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I was a very young girl — so what is my real calling?

And why am I stuck?

In Conclusion

This blog is self-exploration. I’m a type-A personality, searching for meaning. It’s going to be cataloged.

This blog is the self-exploration of a 23-year-old woman, and will contain the following: personal stories, book reviews and reactions, philosophical meanderings, research, infomercial-like “It worked for me!” statements, and a thorough bibliography of the material referenced and recommended.


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